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Here’s the latest selection of copywriting related questions I’ve received. If you have further specific questions that aren’t included here, be sure to contact me.

Q: How does your copywriting process usually work?
A: Although it varies from project to project, here’s a brief overview of how the process usually flows:

1. Contact me for a free quoteand/or initial discussion.
2. Send me all relevant materials.
3. Read the Agreement, Terms & Disclaimer document in this site.
4. Forward the required payment/deposit (as agreed) while I start researching.
5. We’ll go over the project in detail.
6. Shortly after, the first draft will be provided to you.
7. Revisions will be made (if applicable) based on your feedback.
8. The project will be finished and the remaining balance payable (as agreed).
9. The completed project is sent to you.

Q: Why do you only do home-based business & wealth creation type stuff?
A: Basically, I specialize in that field because it’s the only business sector I’ve studied over the years and been actively involved with. I know just what it’s like to be an opportunity seeker. I was worse than broke back in the early 90′s, which is when I started studying all the different opportunities out there. Shortly after, the penny dropped, and I went from being a customer to being the provider and developing my own range of books, products & programs. I can get inside a prospects mind. I know what makes them tick… and I know what they need to hear to make them whip out their wallets and start spending.

Bottom line: If you need copywriting assistance for a software project or a brand-new widget you’re in the process of launching, contact me anyway and I’ll put you in touch with someone that will be able to help you. No worries. I’d never attempt a project if I wasn’t 110% certain I could produce outstanding results for you.

Q: Do you do rewrites & revisions?
A: Yes. I’ll be happy to fine tune certain areas of my copy if required, within 30 days from initially providing the materials to you. If additional work is required after 30 days, then we’ll negotiate accordingly.

Q: How do your fees compare to other copywriters?
A: Some charge a lot less, some charge a lot more. I’m not really concerned about anyone else’s fees, and no doubt the feeling is mutual… but if you have time to spare, why not contact a few other copywriters and compare for yourself. However, if you’re looking for cheap & cheerful copywriting, then you’re definitely in the wrong website. I don’t do “cheap & cheerful” – just like Rolex don’t do cheap & cheerful watches.

Q: Long copy or short?
A: The never ending debate rolls on! Ok… in the vast majority of cases, long copy wins hands down every time.

Sure you can go with short copy, which ultimately leads to [1] a much lower response due to the lack of information, [2] a desire for further information, resulting in a load of information requests or questions (this is prior to the prospect deciding whether or not they’re even interested in your product), and [3] a much higher refund & return rate since due to lack of initial information, the product or service turned out to be a little different to what the customer expected.

Q: Will you do the work and let me pay you for your services at a later date?
A: It depends on many factors. Contact me so we can chat further.

Q: Do you quote a one-off fee, or can we come to an alternate arrangement?
A: I’m flexible in that sense, but yes, we can certainly discuss all the available options in relation to your project.

Q: Can we arrange a royalty based agreement?
A: If you have an innovative product or service, then a specific royalty based arrangement could be possible. I’m quite selective about who I work with on this basis for obvious reasons, so if this options sounds appealing, contact meand let’s talk further.

Q: Will your copy always deliver results, irrespective of my product or service?
A: Let me put it this way; if you don’t have a kick ass product or offer, then it’s highly unlikely the campaign will be successful, irrespective of the copy or copywriter.

Q: What happens if I decide I no longer require your services after I’ve paid the fees and you’ve started on my project?
A: Either a 50% or 100% kill fee will apply. Check out clause 3 of the Agreement for further details.

Q: What’s the best way to get started?
A: First you’ll need to tell me what you’re selling (or wanting to sell) and who you’re selling it to – then send me all the relative promo materials (or any other literature) which will give me the background information I’ll need to start writing your copy. If I need any further info at any stage, I’ll contact you directly. Check out the question at the very top of this page for a detailed breakdown of the process.

To start the ball rolling, just contact meto arrange a free quote, and I’ll get back to you just as soon as I can.

Q: Would you be interested in joining my business opportunity?
A: No. But I’ll gladly research your program if you become one of my clients, and I’ll produce materials that will enable you to refer & sponsor hundreds or thousands of people into it.

Q: What does your “back end logistics” service cover?
A: In a nutshell, my skilled technical team are capable of producing virtually any back end program, application or module for your company or business, to both increase productivity and profitability. For example a support ticket module… a Team Leader back office for staff to follow up with members prospects… or an interactive webinar system. Here’s the bottom line; if you can visualize the application, my programming team can produce it and bring it to life to your exact specification.

Q: How much do you charge?
A: How long is a piece of string? Contact me and we’ll chat further.

Q: Do you do mobile websites or mobile marketing?
A: Sure we do. I have a dedicated company that specializes in every aspect of mobile. Contact me for further details.

Q: Do you offer an evaluation or critique service of my present promo materials?
A: Yes. I’d be happy to provide you with a no holds barred critique of your promo materials. It might be brutal in places, but I’m here to ensure you explode your profits – not to beat about the bush and tell you what you want to hear. Contact me and we’ll take it from there.

Q: Do you offer an ongoing consultation service?
A: Yes. This can be arranged (upon request) on a month by month basis.

Q: Do you have an Affiliate or Referral program for your services?
A: No. Not at this point in time – but if you refer someone to me, let me know and I’ll compensate you accordingly if they become a client.

Thanks for checking out my copywriting FAQ page!

Need more info? Contact me any time.

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Simon Johansson
Founder: Breakthrough Advertising.com

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