2-stage “Internet Idiot” letter.
Product: PAS internet based business program.
Start up costs from $1,995 to $3,895.
Objective: To generate opt-ins, inquires (Callbacks) and product/package sales for independent business owners.

Angle: This project tied into the website content I’d produced for PAS earlier. They now needed a direct-mail letter for all their active business owners to use. After going over their success stories, one guy quoted a very good income from the deal, even though he apparently didn’t have a clue about the Internet or marketing in general. He called himself a “complete Internet idiot”.

That was the hook, and I based the headline around the “Idiot” angle.

I used a similar angle on a letter a few years back, based around a Canadian country & western artist – the logic being that if a clueless guitar player could make $30k monthly, there was hope for everyone. It worked a treat.

Letter Headline: Self Confessed “Complete Internet Idiot” Dave Bell, Earns $130,000 In Just 4 Months – Courtesy of the World’s Most Amazing & Fully Automated WORK-FREE Business System!

Letter Sub-headline: Tod achieved this without any selling, lead chasing, speaking to prospects or answering any questions!

Result: $650,000 in sales in 9 months.