Opt-in pages, main website, back office & logistics.
Product: The Advanced Cashflow VIP Academy program
Start up costs from $1,995 to $6,995.
Objective: To generate membership subscriptions.

Overview: The Advanced Cashflow VIP Academy is a program that blends the world of discounted property (foreclosures) with a lucrative 1-up compensation plan. This enables members to either invest in foreclosed property… or generate income just by referring others to the program… or both.

The Affiliate/referral side of the program was also made optional, with active Affiliates being able to generate income from a total of 6 income streams (including earning up to $2,500 per referral). The objective there being to give all members the opportunity to invest in foreclosures by using the funds they could generate by referring new members to the Academy – thereby making the foreclosure investments totally self-financing.

This project was produced from scratch based on a very brief 1 line client overview, and included: the production of several self-replicating opt-in pages, a self-replicating main multi-page website, a VIP property database, a feature-packed members back office, a support ticket & compliance system, a selection of marketing postcards, a series of autoresponder messages and a module for the VIP Business Advisors to keep track of all incoming prospects & follow-ups.

The system was also designed so members can direct prospects to a dedicated “affiliate income & real estate” opt-in page (leading to a specific main website), or to a dedicated ”real estate only” opt-in page (leading to an alternate version of the main website which only covered the real estate investing side of the deal).

I also added some visual & interactive elements including a VIP commission check on the homepage of the website (made “payable” to the prospect based on the name they added when opting in) and with 4 different revolving check amounts ranging from $2,500 to $10,000.

A “Dream Income Calculator” page was also added, enabling the prospect to enter a specific “dream item”, then allowing the system to instantly calculate how many $2,500 referrals would be needed to achieve that level of income in order to acquire that specific item – or how many referrals they would need to make and help qualify.  (Note: any of the modules featured in this overview page can also be added to your current website/s if required.)

Opt-in headline: Various used (and many more currently under production), including:
“Would YOU Like To Discover How To Rake In $5k to $25k Monthly From The Most Lucrative Market On The Planet – Without Working and Just By Sitting At Home Watching TV?”. That being based around the main appeal of having someone else do all the hard work for you (property wise and follow-up wise).

Main Site headline: “Have You Ever Wanted a REAL Business Where You Can Just Open a Box and Start Generating an Immediate Income?”

Result: Massive program expansion plus a major increase in productivity.