“The Layman’s Guide to Claiming Free Land & Property” – direct-mail promo package.
Product: Book based on claiming land & property by adverse possession.
Objective: To generate book sales via 1-stage & 2-stage direct-mail.

Angle: People around the world have been legally laying claim to other people’s land & property (and claiming it as their own) since pre-biblical times. It’s not a new phenomena by any means – but less than 1% of the planet actually know about the law of Adverse Possession, which is based on statutory UK land law. Heck… Prince Charles even acquired the whole of Cornwall using this same method. Wanker :mrgreen:

After a  lot of research, I decided to capitalize on this by writing my own book on the subject way back in 1996, marketing it solely by 1 & 2-stage direct-mail. The 2-stage promo included a Rapid Response form, enabling prospects to request the full information packet by calling a 24/7 toll-free number, or mailing the form back in the regular envelope provided – or by faxing it back to us. A date sensitive discount voucher also used.

1-stage Letter Headline: Are YOU Ready To Stake YOUR Claim To Over £6 Billion Worth Of FREE Land and Property in the UK?

1-stage Letter Sub-headline: With my brand-new Master-Manual, I’ll show you: How To Find Them, How To Generate Instant Profits From Them – and How To Claim Them As Your Own…

2-stage Letter Headline: Mike D. recently “discovered” a £500,000 fortune hidden behind a hedge…

2-stage Letter Sub-headline: With my brand-new Master Manual, YOU TOO could do exactly the same!

Result: Overall an immensely profitable project, with over 100,000 copies sold to date, thousands of ecstatic customers, and $1.5m+ in profit. The book continues to sell well today, despite the UK Land Registry acting like complete tossers and refusing to acknowledge the validity of the system – even though they have special Adverse Possession forms available for applicants (?)