Main 1-page website & member back office.
Product: Ty Long “No Website” system.
This was more of a personal side-project than an assignment. I’d seen the Ty Long “No Website” system a few times before, but could never quite grasp the concept. I looked into it further, and it turned out most members had a generic link they gave out, which took prospects to a page with an overview movie on it. Some members had access to an alternate page with a movie & Pay Now button. But in general, that was it.

It also cost $250 one-time to join – with the referrer receiving directly and keeping the full $250 – so it was worth a punt to see what I could do with it.

I therefore signed up for the deal, and decided to actually make a website for the “no website” system – while keeping the requirement for a website purely optional and in keeping with the gist of the original deal.

As expected, the 1-page site I put together worked really well. Branding-wise, I used GetRichWithTheDude.com (now defunct) as the domain and did a dudely logo to match.

I also put together a free back office for my referrals (and theirs), and made a personalized version of my 1-page website available for a one-time $97.

To give it an initial lift, I based the header around a scantily clad big-boobed chick climbing out of a Lamborghini – and why not. I figured it would be in keeping with making a few grand a week, and would get more eyeballs & relative traction for the deal — which proved to be the case.

Here’s the main website where all prospects end up, together with the aforementioned chick & Lambo.


ty long get rich with the dude - main website

Most of the traffic is generated via voice-mail broadcasting, which is relatively cheap & cheerful… hands free… automated… and reasonably effective. There’s really no need for the prospect to contact the website owner prior to making their decision to come aboard – which was another good selling point. I included a lot of additional online & offline promo methods, ads, flyers, cards & related stuff in the free back office too, just to make sure everyone that became active ended up succeeding.

This is a screenshot of the matching members back office which everyone gets free access to:

ty long get rich with the dude - members website

It just goes to show that when you’ve got little more than a 5 minute movie and a good concept to work with, you can still knock out a viable & profitable system.