Girls Dating & community site

Project: Website copy & ongoing content.
Product: Niche dating & community website (Girls only)
Membership $14.95 p/m.
Objective: To generate membership subscriptions.

Angle: Back in 2006 (and after watching way too many episodes of The L Word, I had an idea. Yep. It happens sometimes. So after making copious amounts of notes, me and my tech team built unique 100% girls only dating & community website, fully kitted out with enough content & features to satisfy even the most demanding girl-hungry girl.

The twist? Well… with dating sites… when you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all… so I built the whole angle of the site around one hot central character (which 99% of members immediately bonded with). The site also included a Diary section, forum, video chat room, games, downloads, picture & video galleries, and a whole lot more. Massively profitable & successful, and extremely riveting content for anyone with a pulse.

Result: 37,000+ subscribers in its first 12 months, built mainly by pay-per-click & referrals. Not too bad from a standing start. The business was eventually sold on. That happens sometimes too.

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