Website content & PDF brochure.
Product: PAS (Prosperity Automated) internet based business program.
Start up costs from $1,995 to $3,895.
Objective: To generate opt-ins, enquires (Callbacks) and product/package sales for independent business owners.

Angle: Here, the company were looking to sell a 3-year license to sell their product. In effect, PAS business owners were buying the license to sell what they in turn had just purchased – together with option of letting their PAS website market up to 6 additional products or services of their choosing. Pretty neat all round. The system was also billed as “totally automated” and came with a 12-month money back guarantee.

I built the multi-page website content around the automation angle, and everything the PAS business owner wouldn’t be required to do when pitted again a conventional business. As standard, all the business owner needed to do was drive prospects to their website and let the company follow-up and close the leads – making them up to $3,000 per sale.

The PDF brochure was also made available to all interested prospects by instant download, and included their unique website address, so the prospect could revisit their site at any time. A resounding success.

Main Site Headline: How would YOU like a home-based business, where you do NO Prospecting… NO Advertising… NO Selling… NO answering questions… NO Speaking to prospects… and make absolutely NO telephone calls?

Result: $20m+ in sales in 9 months.