Website content & Affiliate website duplication.
Product: Prosperity International internet based business program.
Start up costs from $99 to $3,895.
Objective: To generate opt-ins, inquiries (Callbacks) and product/package sales for independent business owners.

Prosperity International - breakthrough advertising

Angle: There are billions spent every year on self-help & motivational products, so this deal had everything going for. Better still, all product buyers had the main product physically shipped to them in a big massive box, plus the package itself included 2 motivational seminar tickets too. As standard, all the business owner needed to do was drive prospects to their website and let the company follow-up and close the leads – making them up to $2,500 per sale.

Grappling with the SEC “50-50” regulations was a real joy to behold, taking into account that the income generating side of the program had to be kept distinctly separate from the product purchase options. In a nutshell, prospects had to have the option to buy the product only for $3,895, or join as an Affiliate only for $99. They could also take the combined option and purchase the product and join as an Affiliate at the same time for $3,994. This was taken into account with the copy for the website, and a ton of product was purchased – but it required 2 separate “product only” and “opportunity only” websites & content.

The project also needed every affiliate to have their own suite of websites automatically set up direct after making their payment, plus log-ins to their back office emailed to them, their product order (if applicable) sent for dispatch, and the respective genealogy logged. Easily done. The whole system worked like a dream – especially when coupled with the sales team’s back office lead handling module we produced earlier.

Product Website Headline: “Discover The SECRET To True Wealth & Prosperity – and How YOU Can Apply It and Finally Achieve EVERYTHING You Desire From Life – And More! …”

Program Website Headline: Have You Ever Wanted a Business Where You Could Simply Open a Box and Start Generating an Immediate Income?

Program Website Sub-headline: By simply inviting people to your Prosperity website, you can create a real multiple income stream fortune of hundreds or even thousands each month … while our skilled Prosperity Business Advisors contact all your  prospects and help close the sale – leaving you to sit back, relax and bank your checks!

Result: Substantial increase in sales compared to previous websites.