Full page press ad.
Product: The Global Abundance Program – internet based home-business system.
Start up costs from $795 to $12,995.
Objective: To drive prospects to an opt-in page and main website.

Angle: A solid program with a good product range, including a mortgage acceleration deal, a proprietary Forex trading module & training, a discount travel website & annual cruise/conference. 5 different entry & commission level. All the business owner needs do is drive prospects to their website and let the company follow-up and close the leads. The ad majored on this with the headline & “stinky neighbor” sub head, then covered all the benefits whilst incentivizing the prospect to visit the opt-in website to learn more. I also secured a 91% discount off rate card for the full page ad. Easy done.

Headline: ARE YOU RICH YET? If not, I GUARANTEE the information I’m about to reveal to you could very quickly change that…

Sub-headline: In fact, with this iron-clad opportunity, you could literally sit on your butt and do absolutely nothing for the next 3 months, and still make more money than your stinky neighbor does in a whole year!

Result: Over 2,500 opt-ins & $172,000 worth sales in 21 days.