To design opt-in pages plus a main website
Product: Wealth Masters International (WMI) home-business program.
Start-up costs range from $1,495 to $20,750.
Objective: To generate product sales.

Overview: A 2-year established program featuring a range of wealth creation, asset protection & debt elimination products, services & conferences, together with the optional opportunity to generate income by reselling the products to others. The deal had more angles than a drunken pool player… but unlike most similar programs, WMI did not have a service where a sales team would follow up & close the leads generated by members. That called for a separate project (see next section regarding “Your VIP Sales Solution” project).

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Main Site headline: Whether You’re A Complete Novice Or A Seasoned Marketer, Our Proven Paint-by-Numbers Marketing System, Life Changing Products And Potent Compensation Plan Makes It Easy  For You To Succeed, Rapidly Eliminate ALL Your Unwanted Debts and Generate Yourself A Truly Amazing Monthly Income That Can Grow To Literally Any  Level You Wish… and you can check it all out for yourself at zero cost and zero risk.

Result: Not for disclosure.