Complete direct-mail 2-stage promo package & printed brochure.
Product: Emerald Passport (EPI) Webucational Program & income opportunity. Start up costs from $1,395 to $6,995.
Objective: To generate product package sales for the company via 2-stage direct-mail.

Angle: This deal was quite similar to Prosperity International, although there were no physically shipped products. Everything was online & Webucational based – audios, books & videos, all instantly download on demand after purchase. “Affiliate only” membership could be secured for $99. The main Webucational product cost $1,295 ($1,000 profit to the sponsor) – and tickets to the “EPI Seminars” retailed at $6,995, earning the sponsor $4,500 per ticket sale.

The company didn’t follow up leads generated by the members, choosing instead to host twice daily overview, conference & FAQ calls. Their websites weren’t particularly good, so for maximum  effectiveness I stepped everything up a gear and suggested all prospects be mailed a glossy 25 page (6” x 9”) full-color brochure – after they’d entered all their details in the special brochure request page of the main website. I also put a 2-stage direct-mail package together which drive prospects to a special brochure request page… so effectively all prospects received the printed brochure (including a personalized letter) and irrespective of how the lead was generated. Overall, another overwhelming success.

The moral of the story? Never underestimate the power of physically delivering the offer (brochure) directly into the prospect’s hands. Not only that, but as you’ve acquired the prospects address, you can mail them an endless stream of chaser letters & special offers, without being reliant on hit & miss email providers.

Result: $500,000+ generated in 4 months.