Mega Wealth Tax-Free Cash System

Project: “Mega Wealth Tax-Free Cash System” direct-mail promo package.
Product: Book based on fixed-odds speculating. Book retailed at $97.
Objective: To generate book sales via 1-stage direct-mail.

Angle: A tried & tested book based on profiting via fixed odds investing in many different sports. The author of the book had 3 years proven results from the system, and needed a 1-stage package to sell the book via direct-mail. You could also start using the system with just $50 to $100 – so I used that as the hook and blasted off from there with a blind offer. I also loaded the offer with valuable bonuses, and used a time sensitive date-stamped $100 discount voucher. Regular price $197, or just $97 with a valid voucher. I think the client made a lot more money from book sales than from his fixed odds investing – and why not. A definite winner!

1-stage (blind offer) Letter Headline: This is YOUR once-in-a-lifetime RISK FREE opportunity to launch yourself into MASSIVE TAX-FREE WEALTH – starting with LESS money than you have in your pockets RIGHT NOW! ONLY $100 CAPITAL REQUIRED!

Result: The author (I forget his name now) turned out to be a complete dickhead – but nevertheless, the campaign netted $200,000 profit in just 9 months.

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