Main website & opt-in page content.
Product: The Pathway To Prosperity (aka “P2P”) Investment Program.
Start up costs from $10 to $30,000.
Objective: To generate opt-ins, registrations & investments.

Angle: Similar to the SwissCash program below, turning $1,000 into $17,576 in just 6 months was a puller right out of the gate – backed up by a number of income calculators in the website. For investors that couldn’t wait 6 months, the option to invest over 7, 15 or 30 days was also made available. As usual, I couldn’t mention the company or program name in the opt-in page (or main website) but that made little difference, and even added to the overall “mystery” of the deal.

Opt-in & Main website Headline: Who else wants to turn $1,000 into $17,576 in just 6 months?

Opt-in & Main website Sub-headline: Stop screwing around with piddling little 5% per year bank rates, and prepare to discover The Biggest Secret to effortless personal wealth creation… and how YOU can immediately start to earn a staggering 160% interest EVERY 60 DAYS on your money… (If you can’t wait that long, you can put your money into an equally lucrative 7, 15 or 30 day plan instead!)

Result: Not for disclosure – but wildly successful.