Complete direct-mail 2-stage promo package, printed brochure & display ad.
Product: The Planline Fine Art Investment & income opportunity.
Start up costs from $495 to $25,000+
Objective: To generate product (art) sales for the company via 2-stage direct-mail.

Angle: When the company promises a 1,600% return over 12-18 months on the cost of the art you purchased from them, I figured most people would be happy having a painting of bulldogs playing pool hanging on their wall.

I was right. The whole strategy here was similar to that of an earlier project, where the brochure & covering letter was mailed to qualified prospects on request. The company also had a very poor website and an equally poor way of explaining the rather complex way in which income was generated. I countered this by a graphical representation of the system in the brochure.

I also put a 2-stage direct-mail package together which drive prospects to a special brochure request page… so effectively all prospects received the printed brochure (on request) and irrespective of how the lead was generated. The letter accompanying the brochure was also personalized. Again the company had a major advantage here, because they’d acquired the prospect’s mailing address, and so they could effortlessly follow up with chaser letters & special offers, without relying on email delivery. Another overwhelming success.

Brochure/Headline: Would you like to discover one of the best-kept secrets to financial independence?

Result: $650,000 in sales within 10 months.