Website & opt-in page content.
Product: SwissCash Investment Program.
Start up costs from $130 to $100,000.
Objective: To generate opt-ins, registrations & investments.

Angle: It was never going to be difficult to make a 25% monthly return on your investment sound appealing, but I figured 99% of prospects would have the same bunch of question… “how does it work?”, “is it a scam?”, “will it last forever?” etc… so I brought up the questions (& answers) and obliterated them right out of the gate… and built a greased sales chute from there.

Prospects were also incentivized to register for free. The fact I couldn’t mention the company or program name in the opt-in page (or main website) made little difference, and even added to the overall “mystery” of the deal. I also pulled my domain-hook strategy™ out of my bag of tricks and built a lot of the main promise around the “Biggest Secret” domain name. It worked like a dream. We also designed the back end prospect management & Autoresponder system.

Opt-in Headline: Would you like to discover one of the best-kept secrets to financial independence?

Main Site Intro Teaser: You’ll earn so much money from this deal, your friends & neighbors will swear under oath that you robbed a bank or won the lottery!…

Main Site Headline: Who else wants to turn $1,000 into $14,125 in just 12 months?

Main Site Sub-headline: Stop screwing around with piddling little 5% per annum bank rates, and prepare to discover The Biggest Secret to effortless personal wealth creation… and how YOU can immediately start to earn a staggering 25% interest EVERY MONTH on your money…

Result: Confidential (just think of a number and add several noughts to it).