Complete direct-mail promo package.
Product: The “Wealth Academy Program”. Home-based marketing, publishing & direct-mail opportunity.
Start up costs from $6,995 to $8,995.
Objective: To generate business package sales via 2-stage direct-mail.

Angle: This was one of my own projects, built around offering publishing & repro/resale-rights to 8 different home-business titles, and to a select group of like-minded entrepreneurs. The promo package came with a guaranteed income and revolved around a powerful black & white brochure, and a load of bonuses & additional supporting promo materials. There were no websites used during the marketing campaign.

The basic 2-stage 4-page letter included a Rapid Response form, enabling prospects to request the full information packet. This process was also made easier by the fact that the address label for the prospect was already affixed to the Rapid Response form and collated face down so it showed through the outer window envelope. All the prospect had to do was call the 24/7 toll-free number, or mail the form back in the regular envelope provided – or fax the form back to us. The 2-stage response was so great we finished up weighing the incoming mail as opposed to counting it.

2-stage Letter Headline: I have consistently banked over £25,000 per month from this business for the past 10 years.

2-stage Letter Sub-headline: With my personal guidance, you too can do the same, ‘working’ just 2 hours a day from the comfort of your own home…

Main Brochure Teaser Headline: SPECIAL REPORT: **Proudly Announcing the most AMAZING Multiple Income Stream Opportunity You Will Ever Receive!**

Main Brochure Headline: This is Your RISK-FREE Opportunity to Earn a FULLY GUARANTEED £100,000 p.a. – working just 2 hours a day, from the comfort of your own home!

Result: $1.6m profit in 7 months.