Project: Opt-in pages, main sales page & sign-up & registration quick start page.
(Project produced independently and not for or on behalf of BitClub Network.)
Product: BitClub Network – Bitcoin mining program/opportunity.
Start up costs: $500 upwards, one-time.
Objective: To generate interest, opt-ins & sign-ups.

BitClub Network rocks. It enables anyone, for a modest one-time outlay, to generate themselves a fortune from Bitcoin mining – all on complete 100% hands-free auto-pilot. Referring others to the program is totally optional – but simplicity itself if you’re using the system I built.

Let’s face facts – everyone wants to make money (i.e. get rich) from Bitcoin, but hardly anyone knows how to actually do it. Instead, they typically end up getting roped in to some “daily % return” or Hi Yield Investment Program (HYIP.) BitClub Network solves that problem right outta the gate.

Click on the live example page links below to see the full marketing system in action for yourself:

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If you’re a BitClub Network member, and you’re interesting in using this same system to build your  BCN business – click here for further details.