Website & opt-in page content.
Product: G.A.P.
Start up costs from $795 to $12,995.
Objective: To generate opt-ins, enquires (Callbacks) and product/package sales for independent business owners.

Angle: Driving prospects to a website only becomes difficult if you’re relying solely on offline ads, banners & pay-per-click. So in addition to enlightening the client on the massive profitability of conventional offline marketing, we put together a set of websites to fully explain the program & products, engage the prospect and encourage them to submit a Callback request for follow up by their sales team.

The opt-in pages varied in content and length (we produced 8 in total), and each page of the main website included a specific Call to action which lead to the Callback page.  We also included a dollar check on the 1st page of the main site (after opting in) which included the prospects name as the Payee (as entered in the opt-in page), and a revolving check value based on the 5 different payable commission levels.

Additional front & back-end technology included blocking prospects from submitting a Callback from certain countries, a “dream calculator”, pop-up layer technology (detailing the available 5 package contents) and back office functionality which included basic ad tracking for members, plus real-time email notification of opt-ins, call backs & sales (and a bunch more stuff to boot). I’d worked on a similar start-up project very similar to this back in 1999, but the basic principles & procedures remain the same.

We also used special top-layer technology on the opt-in page, launching a smaller window over the main pane, and with a faded down graphic of the main website behind it. The smaller pane incorporated an auto-play flash movie and included a basic name/email data capture form. I called the opt-in page the “Magic Mountain” page, which related to the headline and the way the box magically disappears (after data submission) to reveal the main website. Very effective.

Opt-in Headline:  The REAL secret to earning a mountain of money from home – WITHOUT working!

Main Site Intro Teaser: This website tells you all about our exciting home-based business program … how it works … why it works – and shows you exactly how YOU can start generating yourself a fabulous income – literally within the next 24 hours…

Main Site Headline: Whether You’re A Complete Novice Or A Seasoned Marketer, Our Proven Turnkey System Makes It Easy For You To Succeed, And Generate Yourself An Amazing Income That Can Grow To Literally Any Level You Wish!

Result: Substantial increase in sales.