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New Millennium Group (NMG)

Project: Complete direct-mail promo package.
Product: NM Group/Franklin Mint Silver Ingot Program & income opportunity. Start up costs from $98.
Objective: To generate ingot sales for independent business owners via 1-stage direct-mail.

Angle: Similar to a couple of previous deals, and via their unique binary pay-plan, NMG promised & projected a $15,000+ return in respect of every Franklin Mint silver ingot you purchased from them.

A really easy sell, especially with the stated previous performance of the deal riding on the back of the Franklin Mint brand.

I therefore crafted a basic 3-panel (6 page) fold out brochure, a 8 page Q&A booklet, plus an intro letter & additional pieces confirming projected incomes based on investment. The package was topped off by an order form, which the customer returned to the company together with a check/draft or credit card details.

I’m not too sure what the company were doing prior to enlisting my help, and I don’t think they knew either, but my promo package certainly lit a fire under a considerable number of greedy butts – resulting in over $6m worth of silver ingot sales in just over 6 months.

An overwhelming success? Definitely. But there is a dark side to this story – and a lesson to be learned here. This is what happened: The client was so blown away by the mountain of money he’d amassed from the deal, he decided to stop paying out – then went on to blow the money on home extensions, swimming pools, women’s underwear, cars, chocolates & jewelry. Strange… but true. To top it all off, He also forgot to declare his income to the IRS.  Oops. Big mistake. He’s currently doing 20 year stretch in the slammer. Don’t let this happen to you. Sure, my promo pieces can generate you a ton of money, but I can’t pay your taxes for you, ok?

Letter Headline: Discover HOW you can receive over $15,000 from the most outstanding Personal Income Program you will EVER see!

Result: $6m of product sales in 6 months.

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