Complete direct-mail promo package.
Product: NM Group/Franklin Mint Silver Ingot Program & income opportunity. Start up costs from $98.
Objective: To generate ingot sales for independent business owners via 1-stage direct-mail.

Angle: Similar to a couple of previous deals, and via their unique binary pay-plan, NMG promised & projected a $15,000+ return in respect of every Franklin Mint silver ingot you purchased from them.

A really easy sell, especially with the stated previous performance of the deal riding on the back of the Franklin Mint brand.

I therefore crafted a basic 3-panel (6 page) fold out brochure, a 8 page Q&A booklet, plus an intro letter & additional pieces confirming projected incomes based on investment. The package was topped off by an order form, which the customer returned to the company together with a check/draft or credit card details.

I’m not too sure what the company were doing prior to enlisting my help, and I don’t think they knew either, but my promo package certainly lit a fire under a considerable number of greedy butts – resulting in over $6m worth of silver ingot sales in just over 6 months.

An overwhelming success? Definitely. But if my memory serves me correctly, it all went tits up in the end – and for reasons you can probably guess.

Awesome promo package though.

Letter Headline: Discover HOW you can receive over $15,000 from the most outstanding Personal Income Program you will EVER see!

Result: $6m of product sales in 6 months.