Opt-in pages, main website, back office & logistics.
Product: The Overnight Cash System (TOCS) cash gifting program
Start up costs from $250 to $10,000.
Objective: To increase program growth.


Overview: TOCS is a 5-year established cash gifting program. Cash is generated by members through inviting interested prospects to become members in their own right by sending them cash gifts, ranging from $250 to $10,000.

This project included: the production of several opt-in pages, a rework of their main multi-page website, explanatory flash movies, website redesign, plus a members back office, a support ticket system, a compliance system, a conference call module, an autoresponder message series, and a Team Leader module (for the Team Leaders to keep track of all incoming prospects & follow-ups).

Due to this being a cash gifting program, certain phrases could not be used, i.e. “make money”, “home-based business”, “generate income”, “increase your income” (etc) – so alternate and more effective phrases were used.

Based on the 4 different ways members could receive cash, I also made this element more prominent by detailing the 4 “Mega Cash Streams” in the website, then packaging them into what I called the “Xtreme Cash Leverage 4.0” platform. The “4.0” being relevant to the 4 cash streams.

Opt-in headline: Various used, mainly based around the opportunity to receive $500 to $10,000 cash daily.

Main Site headline: Whether You’re A Complete Novice Or A Seasoned Marketer, Our Proven Turnkey Paint-by-Numbers Makes It Easy For You To Succeed, Rapidly Obliterate ALL Your Unwanted Debts, Fatten Your Bank Account and Generate Yourself A Truly Amazing Cash Fortune That Can Grow To Literally Any Level You Wish – “Working” No More Than 1 Hour a Week From The Comfort Of Your Own Home… [and you can check it all out for yourself right now at zero cost and zero risk]…

Result: Massive program expansion. Currently relaunching.