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Your VIP Sales Solution

Project: Production of website to generate subscriptions at $39.95 monthly.
Product: Your VIP Sales Solution (VIPSS).
Objective: A Callback service aimed specifically at WMI consultants, enabling WMI consultants to have all their leads contacted and closed for them. The project also included 3 additional websites, namely a fully featured prospect tracking module for use by the VIP Marketing Assistants (VMA’s), a VIP back office website for all subscribers, and a Support back office for handling subscriber Support tickets.

Site Sub-headline: “WE Close The Sales – YOU Bank The Cash!”™

Site headline: Are you… Tired of chasing & interviewing prospects? Frustrated at missing incoming calls? Sick of calling prospects and reaching their voicemail? Stressed by not having answers to prospects questions? Struggling to find the time to market your WMI business?

Result: Not for disclosure.

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